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Facility Intelligence

One of the most inefficient and costly aspects of hotel management is energy usage in guest rooms. Urban Grid's Facility Intelligence systems allow for clever design that can significantly reduce the amount of energy that is wasted and, therefore, lower the operating costs of the building. Facility Intelligence takes advantage of occupancy sensors that register the presence of a guest in their room. For example, with a single monitoring device, the room may greet the guest by automatically lighting the space, opening the drapes, turning on the music and setting a comfortable temperature. Touch screens or remote controlled monitors and TVs allow guests to control all their needs throughout their stay. Facility intelligence can significantly reduce the cost of utility bills, operation, and maintenance through automated controls that are tailored for your specific establishment.

Guest Experience

Facility Intelligence, in itself, can be an amenity to guests that enhances their overall experience in your establishment. Using touch screen or remotely controlled monitors, guests are effortlessly able to request room service, call a valet, notify housekeeping, set wake-up settings and alarms, and request other services for the comfort of their room. Conveniences are also available for the facility's management team, including automated checkout, in order to enhance the customer service capacity of the staff for that clients next visit — or for all future clients. It's reporting in a way that you've never had before.


Lighting and HVAC functions are one of the largest contributors to inefficient energy usage in the hospitality industry. In many hotels, guests often have difficulty achieving optimal temperatures in their room, resulting in uncomfortable conditions and wasted energy. It is also common for lights in guest rooms to be left on when the rooms are not occupied. Facility intelligence combats these problems because guest rooms are set to a dormant state when guests are not occupying the space. In this way, facility intelligence can enhance guest comforts while saving the hotel significant amounts of money and energy.